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Strong water resistance and aging resistance!

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The use of hot-melt adhesive film can make the soles have better firmness, strong water resistance and strong aging resistance, because the hot-melt adhesive film is a kind of adhesive that can be used for continuous operation by melting and heating. It is made by direct melt processing of polymer. Hot melt adhesive is a kind of industrial adhesive. Most of its raw materials are resin, synthetic resin, oil, etc. These things are not harmful to the human body.

❖ Hot melt adhesive film

The use of traditional glue to fit the soles has the following disadvantages:

1. It is easy to overflow glue when brushing;

2.Many people are needed, and the process is also complicated;

3. The smell is unpleasant and damages human health.

Compared with traditional glue, hot melt adhesive has the following advantages:

1. Laminating process does not produce overflow glue, which makes the sole more beautiful;

2. The firmness is very good, the water resistance is strong, and the aging resistance is strong;

3. The bonding fastness is stronger, which has obvious advantages compared with traditional glue;

4. Mildew resistance, light transmission, environmental protection, non-toxic and odorless;

5. Improve efficiency, easy operation, labor saving, process saving, cost saving;

6. The fitting site is clean and tidy without pollution, which is conducive to safe production.

热熔胶膜使用视频Hot melt adhesive film use video

Application material of hot melt adhesive film
1. Apply to insoles of various materials, including EVA slices, PU slices, high-wafers, etc.

2. It is applied to the upper and fit inside the shoe.

3. It is applied to fashion shoes, leather shoes, various leather materials on shoes, and the fit between the fabrics, and the shaping effect is good.

4. Used in raw rubber, cooked rubber, EVA small foam, PU foam have very strong bonding properties.

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