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Rubber outsole fit for environmental protection? No smell in shoes?

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In recent years, environmental protection is a major pain point in the shoe industry. The workshop is filled with a strong smell of glue, which is harmful to the human body. The workers in the workshop are deeply affected by the smell and damage the body. The work can not be happy; the original used in shoe materials With all kinds of glue on the adhesive, now a new material can be substituted in the shoe industry——Hot melt adhesive film!


what isHot melt adhesive film


Hot melt adhesive film is a kind of adhesive that can be used by heating and melting to facilitate continuous operation. It is made by direct melt processing of polymer. Hot melt adhesive is a kind of industrial adhesive. Most of its raw materials are resin, synthetic resin, oil, etc. These things are not harmful to the human body. Regarding how the hot melt adhesive film is applied in the shoemaking process and where it can be applied, this article mainly talks about the rubber outsole, let me introduce it to you below!

The application of the hot-melt adhesive film on the sole is mainly suitable for the manufacture of combined soles whose production process is the secondary mold internal pressure process. For raw rubber, cooked rubber, EVA small foam, PU foam have very strong adhesive properties. The use of hot-melt adhesive film for bonding various types of soles does not produce overflow glue compared to the brushing process, which is more beautiful, and has a very good firmness, strong water resistance and aging resistance. The use of hot melt adhesive film simplifies the process, reduces labor, and can greatly improve production efficiency.

Hot melt adhesive film advantages

  • The bonding fastness is stronger, which has obvious advantages compared with traditional glue.

    Mildew-proof, transparent, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless.

    Improve efficiency, easy to operate, save labor, save procedures and cost.

    To prevent loose surface, the overall molding effect is good, in some products can directly replace the shaped cloth.

    The fitting site is clean, tidy and pollution-free, which is conducive to safe production.

Apply Material
  • It is applied to insoles of various materials, including EVA slices, PU slices, and high-wafers.

    Used in shoe upper and fit inside shoe.

    It can be used in fashion shoes, leather shoes, all kinds of forage on shoes, and the fit between the fabrics, and the shaping effect is good.

    Used in raw rubber, cooked rubber, EVA small foam, PU foam have very strong adhesive properties


The company focuses on the research and production of various hot-melt adhesive films to enhance the functionality and environmental protection of various materials. The product quality is stable and the price is moderate. It can develop hot melt adhesive films and related composite materials that meet the requirements of unique production processes.

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