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Advantages of hot-melt adhesive for bonding touch screen and frame

Release time:2020-06-28 source:Please Complete English Information

Mobile phone screen frame bonding often uses pur hot melt adhesive, PUR hot melt adhesive is reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive. PUR hot melt adhesive does not contain water and solvents, and the solid content is 100%. It is a high-performance environmentally friendly adhesive. What are the advantages of using hot melt adhesive for bonding the touch screen of the mobile phone and the frame?

(1) Bonding effect: PUR hot melt adhesives are used in electronic products such as screen bonding, shell bonding, frame bonding, keyboard bonding, battery bonding, touch screen assembly, plane sealing and so on.

(2) Insulation function: Of course, electronic products cannot be separated from electricity. The circuit board, battery, camera, and speaker in the mobile phone will generate electricity during use. When the circuit board is powered on, it will generate current. The current mobile phone functions are getting more and more The more the volume is, the thinner the volume is. The technology adopted at this time is that the components are small and the gap is closer. The possibility of leakage in the case of air humidity or other reasons will also increase, and the good insulation performance of PUR hot melt adhesives It will greatly reduce people's experience of static electricity.

(3) Sealing effect: At present, the appearance of electronic products has certain requirements for thinness and thickness, and electronic components must not be too large, and the size of the appearance frame is as critical. It is useless if the circuit cannot be reduced if the circuit is reduced.

After the frame requires finer precision, the gap of the cut is naturally thinner, and PUR hot melt adhesive can be pressed in the range of 10 wires. In the application of mobile phone screen and frame bonding, the screen is surrounded by circles, which can be sealed and waterproof after bonding. Even if the outer surface of the mobile phone is wet by rain, it will reduce the possibility of penetration into the mobile phone and reduce the maintenance of the mobile phone. Probability.

PUR hot-melt adhesive is not only a bonding function, but also can be insulated, sealed, connected, and laminated. It is the first production choice for electronic protection and assembly.

The above is the analysis of the advantages of the hot-melt adhesive used in the bonding of the mobile phone TP and the middle frame for the manufacturer of the mobile phone TP and the middle frame. We hope to help you.

Modified PU mobile phone TP and middle frame bonding hot melt adhesive (GNT-8868H) is a high bonding strength cross-linking structural adhesive, which has good fluidity when heated and is convenient for coating. It has the characteristics of rapid melting by heating and rapid cooling (about 10s) to achieve high strength adhesion. It can meet the bonding requirements of structural components of mobile electronic products. Features:

1. Single component, 100% cured product, no solvent, no pollution, no toxicity. Water resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance.

2. Fast curing, easy to wet, large adhesion and high strength. Stable performance, excellent toughness and filling after curing.

3. It has a wide range of applications and can bond a variety of materials, including some difficult-to-stick plastics.

4. The bonding speed is fast and the production efficiency is high, which is very suitable for automated assembly line operations.

5. Reliable bonding can be achieved for thin and narrow structural parts.

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