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Thermal Deformation Analysis of Hot Melt Adhesive Film Adhesive of Mobile Phone Metal Decoration

Release time:2020-06-28 source:Please Complete English Information

  Hot melt adhesive film is a very good performance bonding material, its characteristics are very suitable for bonding mobile phone metal decorative parts, but due to some of its own defects, the current application of hot melt adhesive film is not very extensive In order to expand its application range in mobile phone decorative components. Method-In this paper, large-scale finite element software was used to analyze the deformation of the hot melt adhesive film of a mobile phone front shell decorative component. According to the calculation results, the cause of the deformation was analyzed. , Found the key factors of its deformation, improved the structure of the plastic decorative components, and reduced the warpage of the decorative components. Conclusion-We have concluded that by optimizing the structure of the decorative components, the defects of the hot melt adhesive film can be To a certain extent, it is overcome, and the advantages can be displayed to the maximum.It can be applied to the bonding of metal decorative components of mobile phones.

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