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The advantages of hot melt adhesive film compared with other adhesives

Release time:2020-06-28 source:Please Complete English Information

Hot-melt adhesive films have the following advantages over other types of adhesives:

1. Environmental protection without harmful substances: Polymer hot-melt adhesives are environmentally friendly materials without harmful solvents.

2. Fast bonding speed: heat and pressure, stick when cooling.

3. No stickiness at room temperature: The film is solid at room temperature, and it is not sticky. You can attach the film to the product and sell it for easy transportation and storage.  

4. The bonding fastness to some materials is particularly strong: the bonding performance of hot melt adhesive is better than other adhesives in some fields.   5.   temperature resistance,   washing resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics: can be modified according to customer needs.

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